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delicious new additions. . .

Introducing - Z&G’s new Tandoori chicken ... proving to be quite a flavourful delight!

Dear Guests, we started 2021 this weekend, and it was a good first week! With a few new additions to our menu, namely the Chicken tandoori, Crispy chicken wings in flavorful sauces, chicken paratha roll, paneer paratha roll and palak paneer.

Chicken tandoori is a classic oven-baked dish originally from north India. Succulent chicken marinated in a tandoori marinade, mixed with a few herbs for that tantalizing flavour, and then oven-baked. Served on a flat Indian bread accompanied with PEI potatoes bringing the perfect fusion of International and Island flavours.

We welcome you to try it as well as the other new additions on our menu - they are sure to take your tastebuds on a trip ;)

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